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The GOAL Foundation encourages you to "Get Out And Live!"™ at local and world class athletic events!
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GOAL Foundation Staff

GOAL Foundation Board of Directors

GOAL Foundation Board of Directors
From it's inception, the GOAL Foundation has been lead by an all volunteer group of community leaders who share a common passion and vision for Ogden and the people who make it wonderful. The GOAL Foundation Board of Directors are responsible to execute the vision and mission of the GOAL Foundation. While the GOAL Foundation Board is primarily responsible for fiduciary and governance issues, you will almost certainly find them working side by side with the Events Team and volunteers during our events to help ensure the success of the day. We are community partners who strive to lead by example.

Eric Bauman



Years at GOAL – 3 years and counting

Day to Day | Race Day – Eric is our fearless leader, which is no small task. He oversees all management and operations of the GOAL Foundation and serves as the lead point of contact for all matters relating to the organization. On race day, he serves as the race director and can usually be found overseeing timing, confirming results, communicating with law enforcement at the command post, problem solving any issues that arise, and most important, cheering on athletes and thanking sponsors and volunteers for their participation.

Favorite thing about GOAL – The Team at GOAL, from our staff, board, volunteers, community partners, sponsors, and of course athletes who inspire him every day.

Favorite Memory – The best memory and reward is seeing the smiles on faces of our athletes when they cross the finish line, knowing the dedication and commitment that they have put in toward accomplishing their goals.

How do you Get Out and LIVE – Eric loves to 'get out and live' with his wife, Windi. Most weekends you can find them hitting a trail on their mountain bikes, hiking, backcountry skiing, or fat biking.



Years at Goal – 9 years and counting

Day to Day | Race DayClairesse is our connector, she knows all the people, all the places to be, and who is best at what - which makes her the perfect Operations Manager. Day to day she coordinates with vendors, sponsors, volunteers, and our events team to ensure that everything runs smoothly for each event. From porta-potty meetings to meeting with law enforcement, her job is quite dynamic. She also gets to organize and manage the best volunteers on the planet and makes sure they are trained and ready to rock each event.

Favorite thing about GOAL – I get my energy from people! The more, the better. What better way to bring people together, than events. I love connecting people and getting them involved in the community. Who knew my actual job one day would be doing just that. I love working for GOAL. I love what we stand for. Most of all, I love the people! I feel so lucky to get to work with so many passionate people who are so generous with their free time. We really do have the BEST volunteers on the planet! I love my GOAL family!

Favorite Memory "Geeez! How do you pick just one! The best way I can describe it is as a feeling. The feeling you get when you see people accomplish a goal. The feeling you get when you see an empty street lined with buses before the mass of people gather. The feeling you get when you see an empty park turn into a giant celebration with thousands of smiles. The feeling you get when you see the hundreds of posts from friends and family about their race experience. The feeling you get when you know how lucky you are to have been a part of creating all that magic. My favorite memory is all the feels, the chills, the hugs, and high fives."

How do you Get Out and LIVE – When Clairesse isn't connecting people together, just kidding, she's always out connecting! She loves to travel with her husband, hike with girlfriends, and dine on patios with her sweet puppies Sketti and Gigi.



Years at GOAL – 3 years and counting

Day to Day | Race Day – Sarah is multi-talented and manages the accounting, the ambassador program, and youth programming. On race day you can find her setting up the course, assisting in setting up the start/finish lines, helping direct the awesome volunteers and cheering on the participants as they cross the finish line!

Favorite thing about GOAL – GOAL itself is so much bigger than its name. Everyone involved with GOAL – volunteers, athletes, sponsors, and staff – all bring such positive, cohesive energy to every event, big or small, and it’s so great to be part of something bigger.

Favorite Memory – Even though it has only been a couple of years, it's hard to choose just one memory! Watching someone cross a finish line, whether they are at the front or the back of the pack is a special moment, every single time. Probably one of her favorite memories is seeing the El Doce rider who had a rough day - flat tires, muscle cramps, everything - win the fat bike from the raffle and was still out on course so he had no idea. Seeing his teammates cheer him on and give him his prize, was definitely a fun moment.

How do you Get Out and LIVE – Sarah, aka "ultra Sarah", is an ultra runner and pushes herself to do hard things. Her happy place is running in the mountains or the desert with her best running buddy, Barrett, a German Shorthaired Pointer. They get out there almost every day every day before work, then head somewhere fun on the weekend.



Years at GOAL – 1 year and counting

Day to Day | Race Day – Reide is our marketing and communications guru, making sure word gets out about all GOAL events and volunteer opportunities. She’s working behind the scenes to create cohesive branding and messaging across the board for both digital and print media. During race week, you’ll probably find her at the registration desk doing all the things and feeding off that race day runner energy!

Favorite thing about GOAL – I’m still new on the scene, but I already have a lot of favorite things about this awesome organization. For one, working with GOAL gives me the opportunity to do what I love every day while collaborating with and giving back to the community I call home. I am constantly surrounded by people who value life beyond the daily grind of “have-tos” and seek out new opportunities for challenge, excitement, and fun! I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful team who helps to inspire the Greater Ogden Community to do the same and—of course—Get Out And LIVE.

Favorite Memory TBD...but a good start was climbing to the top of Mount Ogden with my new co-workers for my third day on the job!

How do you Get Out and LIVEReide loves being out on the trail (bonus points if it is in red rock country) and wandering through art markets, exhibits, and museums. She also enjoys traveling and visiting local businesses and restaurants to experience what makes each one unique and special.



Years at GOAL – Volunteer since 2014, officially with GOAL since October 2021

Day to Day | Race Day – Brooke oversees the daily operations of the office. She makes sure everything has a place and that it gets there. Whatever she can do to make sure things are running smoothly and to assist the team is her specialty! Historically on race day, Brooke and her husband have overseen feeding our 1000+ volunteers during race week. With her new role as office manager, we have yet to figure out what area is lucky enough to get her. We will be sure to keep you posted.

Favorite thing about GOAL – My favorite thing about GOAL is the community—we have the best! Whether it be locals who live their lives here daily or people who are only a part of it for a day, I feel lucky to be here.

Favorite Memory My favorite memory was the first time we volunteered for the Ogden Marathon. My husband and I were tasked with delivering 1000 boxed lunches to all the volunteers west of the canyon. We met Clairesse at the GOAL office to go over instructions and give us supplies. Keep in mind she was new at GOAL, and it was her first marathon. She found a bucket with some lights and figured it was to go on top of our car to gain access through traffic. Come to find out, the light was just left over from a night run they had done the summer before. We did not need it at all, but man, did we feel special with our flashing light!

How do you Get Out and LIVEBrooke loves to cook and check out all the local spots. She also loves to camp, hike, and go on whatever adventure her sister can talk her into. Brooke is a collector of rocks, camels (not the real kind!) and plants. Collecting these things involves lots of outings (hopefully with good company in tow) to markets, yard sales and different parts of the country.

The GOAL Foundation is located in the heart of Ogden, Utah directly across the street from Peery's Egyptian Theater and the Eccles Conference Center. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

GOAL Foundation
2440 Washington Blvd
Ogden, Utah 84401

Eric Bauman – Executive Director,
Clairesse Miljour – Operations Manager,
Sarah Moore – Contracts & Administration Manager,
Reide Thompson Marketing & Communications Manager,
Brooke Thompson – Office Manager,
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