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Board & Staff

GOAL Foundation Board of Directors

From it's inception, the GOAL Foundation has been lead by an all volunteer group of community leaders who share a common passion and vision for Ogden and the people who make it wonderful. The GOAL Foundation Board of Directors are responsible to execute the vision and mission of the GOAL Foundation. While the GOAL Foundation Board is primarily responsible for fiduciary and governance issues, you will almost certainly find them working side by side with the Events Team and volunteers during our events to help ensure the success of the day. We are community partners who strive to lead by example.
Executive Team GOAL Board Ex-Officio
Winslow Young
Board Chair

Mike Caldwell
Ogden City Mayor
Melissa Call
Vice Chair

Harrison Fluman

Jim Harvey
Weber County Commissioner
Christa Windsor
Past Chair

Sara Toliver
Ogden/Weber CVB President
Jake Johnstun

Eric Bauman
Executive Director | CEO

Jennie Payne
Dan Spark

Aric Manning
Weber Pathways

GOAL Foundation Staff

The GOAL Foundation has a dynamic team of staff members responsible for the day to day operations of the organization, carrying out the vision of the Board of Directors.



Started October 2019

Day to Day | Race Day – Eric is our fearless leader, which is no small task. He oversees all management and operations of the GOAL Foundation and serves as the lead point of contact for all matters relating to the organization. On race day, he serves as the race director and can usually be found overseeing timing, confirming results, communicating with law enforcement at the command post, problem solving any issues that arise, and most important, cheering on athletes and thanking sponsors and volunteers for their participation.

Favorite thing about GOAL – the volunteers, athletes, sponsors, and working with an incredible team of people that do amazing things in our community.

Favorite Memory - TBD

How do you Get Out and LIVE - Eric loves to 'get out and live' with his wife Windi. Most weekends you can find them hitting a trail on their mountain bikes.



Years at Goal – 6 years

Day to Day | Race DayClairesse is our connector, she knows all the people, all the places to be, and who is best at what - which makes her the perfect Operations Manager. Day to day she coordinates with vendors, sponsors, volunteers and our events team to ensure that everything runs smoothly for each event. From porta-potty meetings to meeting with law enforcement her job is quite dynamic. She also gets to organize and manage the best volunteers on the planet and makes sure they are trained and ready to rock each event.

Favorite thing about GOAL – I get my energy from people! The more, the better. What better way to bring people together, than events. I love connecting people and getting them involved in the community. Who knew my actual job one day would be doing just that. I love working for GOAL. I love what we stand for. Most of all, I love the people! I feel so lucky to get to work with so many passionate people who are so generous with their free time. We really do have the BEST volunteers on the planet! I love my GOAL family!

Favorite Memory - Geeez! How do you pick just one! The best way I can describe it is as a feeling. The feeling you get when you see people accomplish a goal. The feeling you get when you see an empty street lined with buses before the mass of people gather. The feeling you get when you see an empty park turn into an giant celebration with thousands smiles. The feeling you get when you see the hundreds of post from friends and family about their race experience. The felling you get when you now how lucky you are to have been a part of creating all that magic. My favorite memory is all the feels, the chills, the hugs and high fives.

How do you Get Out and LIVE - When Clairesse isn't connecting people together, just kidding, she's always out connecting! She loves to travel with her husband, spend time with her family and dine on patios with her sweet puppies Sketti and Gigi.



Years at GOAL – 3 years

Day to Day | Race DayRegistration/Solutions, Permitting, Youth Programming and all things runner services. She is an organizer extraordinaire and keeps us all on track. On race day she is the smiling face at packet pick up or the expo helping you with any changes, if you lost your bib or if you have any questions. Then she's off to help take things down, clean up and get ready for the next event.

Favorite thing about GOAL The community involvement and our give back programs! GOAL has such an inspiring vision that allows people from all walks of life to get involved.

Favorite memory - The friendships and connections that she has made through GOAL and of course looking down the chute of the finish line of the 2018 Ogden Marathon, it was truly an incredible feeling.

How do you Get Out and LIVE? - Abby is an avid reader, runner and yogi. On the weekends you can find her at the local thrift shop hunting for a deal or out in the mountains camping with her husband, pups and kiddos.



Years at GOAL – 2 years and counting...

Day to Day | Race Day – Sara's day to day responsibilities include email communication, website updates, social media, press releases, banners, course marking signs and various print marketing materials. On event day she is usually the one taking your photo, capturing live moments on social media and helping in anyway needed (we are a team of 5 after all).

Favorite thing about GOAL THE PEOPLE! I love staff that I work with, our board members, our hard working events team, our generous sponsors, learning all of our runners names and their goals and our Volunteers are seriously the BEST ON THE PLANET!

Favorite Memory - Everything so far has been my favorite! But I can narrow it down to 1 moment and 1 series of events. The moment was, Looking down the chute of my first Ogden Marathon finish line in 2018. It was absolutely incredible to see everything come together and to know how proud those finishers felt crossing that world class finish line after months of training. It was almost more than I could handle on 2 hours of sleep. Tied with that is the Winter Race Circuit. I LOVE getting to know all of the runners during packet pick up and at the 5 races. It is great being able to know their names, their goals and cheering them on each week. It absolutely didn’t feel like I was "at work", it felt like I got to go spend time with 500 of my friends each weekend.

How do you Get Out and LIVE? - When Sara steps away from her laptop and phone she LOVES to get out and live by hitting the trails and running anywhere with a view. She moved here in the Fall of 2017 from Michigan, she is obsessed with the mountains. Sara has 3 active kiddos, a golden retriever Max and an incredible husband!



Started September 2019

Day to Day | Race Day – Sarah is multi-talented and keeps our office in line - which is no small feat. She draws up our sponsor contracts, handles our daily administrative needs and is a creative mastermind behind anything we need. On race day you can find her setting up the course, assisting in setting up the start/finish lines, helping direct the awesome volunteers and cheering on the runners!

Favorite thing about GOAL – GOAL itself is so much bigger than its name. Everyone involved with GOAL – volunteers, athletes, sponsors, and staff – all bring such a positive, cohesive energy to every event, big or small, and it’s so great to be part of something bigger.

Favorite Memory - I’ve only been here 6 months, so I’m sure after living through an event season, it will be hard to pick only one memory, but I’d have to say the afternoon we provided the Young Runners at TO Smith Elementary their new tennis shoes comes to mind. Seeing so many happy kids get new shoes to get out and play in was definitely a great day!

How do you Get Out and LIVE - Sarah, aka "ultra Sarah", is a crazy ultra runner. Her happy place is running on the trails with her best running buddy, Barrett, a German Shorthaired Pointer. They try and get out there every day before work, then head somewhere fun on the weekend.

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