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The GOAL Foundation, the producer of El Doce, is happy to announce Roosters Brewing Company as the new
Title Sponsor of El Doce at Powder Mountain.
Roosters has been a sponsor of El Doce and has played a huge role in the event since its inception, and we are thrilled to have
them as the Title Sponsor as we prepare for the 5th year of
El Doce at Powder Mountain on July 16, 2022.
Check out the short video below from our friends,
Kym & Pete, owners of Roosters Brewing Co.

July 16th, 2022 | Powder Mountain Resort, Utah

Welcome to "El Doce at Pow Mow", powered by the GOAL Foundation.

El Doce is a perfect balance of epic trails, party vibes, camping, tacos and frosty beverages!

Held in the setting of picturesque Powder Mountain Ski Resort, El Doce at Pow Mow is Northern Utah's premier 12 hour Mountain Bike Event. With 13.3 miles of IMBA designed trails per lap and roughly 1400' ascent.

El Doce is perfect for riders that just want to ride and have fun and challenging enough for even the most seasoned competitor.

El Doce is an endurance Mountain Bike Race. The individual, duo or team with the most laps within their category WINS!

Check Out The Course Map By Clicking Here!

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1. Log into your El doce account and choose your team captain
2. Invite your team members through either the Invite People form or send your members your unique team registration link.
3. In the Settings tab, you will have the ability to update your team name and description.
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General Category
El Maestro 50+

General Category

TEAMS (3-4 Person):
General Category


General Category
El Maestro 50+

General Category

No 3 or 4 person teams

El Jefe Challenge



El Jefe Challenge”, the not-so-corporate cup, will be a traveling trophy for businesses. This traveling trophy will definitely bring big bragging rights to whatever bike shop, brewery, law firm, bike industry partner, hospital, municipality, or business that you throw out the challenge to. If you work in organizations with mountain bikers, please encourage them to sign up for a team. The “El Jefe Challenge” is for 12 Hour | 3-4 person teams.

2021 El Jefe Holder- Team Weber High 1
2019 El Jefe Holder- Intermountain Live Well
2018 El Jefe Challenge Winner- Lowe Law Group



Camping will be FREE and first-come, first-serve in the Hidden Lakes Parking lot on Friday night(Yeah, parking lot party!). Camping will be in this parking lot only.

No camping at the Brim Trail Parking lot. The event staff will be setting up late on Friday night, and early on Saturday morning. Our noise will interfere with your rest, and we need the areas to be free of vehicles and campers to be able to move equipment. PLEASE and THANK YOU.

Do not to block any of the Powder Mountain gates. Do not block or park in any NO PARKING ZONES, or block any fire hydrants. Violators will be towed.


  • NO TENTS - small campers, trailers, or sprinter vans only. If you camp overnight, you must be in a self-contained camper.
  • No ATVs
  • Propane camping stoves are allowed for cooking only
  • Dogs can come camping, but they must be leashed at all times no free-roaming pets.
Due to high fire danger
  • No Burning of any kind
  • NO charcoal or pellet grills


Mitch Shaum | Powder Mountain | Terrain Park & Event Operations Manager


6965 E Hwy 158, Eden, UT 84310


Not into camping? Our new sponsors at Mountain Luxury and Lodging have some beautiful options for you in Ogden Valley, just minutes away from Powder Mountain.

Learn more here.

Covid Plan

This will be re-evaluated on a monthly basis. We will continue to comply with Weber County guidelines.

Due to the size and nature of this event, we are confident that we will be able to proceed with our in-person El Doce event this year! We will have safety protocols and guidelines from the health department in place in order to provide a safe environment.

We will follow all recommendations and requirements from State and Local Health Officials to ensure a safe experience for everyone involved. Should recommendations and requirements change prior to the race, we will update this page to reflect the most current recommendations, requirements and precautions that we will be taking for the event. We look forward to seeing you and are committed to providing a safe experience for everyone involved.


· Recommend social distancing when possible.

· Hand sanitizer will be available at entry and exit points, as well as vendor booths.

If you have any COVID19 related symptoms we respectfully ask that you please stay home: Temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea

El Doce - The Law

Rules of the Race

1) Be courteous. There are plenty of passing opportunities on this course but if you must pass right this minute, please do so in a kind way. If you have a mechanical, please repair it on the side of the course and allow riders to pass easily. We're all out here having a good time!

2) Be a good person. No littering, help out if someone is in need, use restrooms where available, smile and say thanks to all of the great volunteers out on course.

3) Riders must be registered. No poaching, please. It's rude. Refer to rules #1 and #2

4) Be Prepared. This is a self-support course and it isn't downhill both ways (1700' ish feet of up and down fun over 13.7 miles). We will NOT be offering a bag drop. All of your support will need to be on you or at the solo or natural support zone at base camp. If you have a mechanical issue while out, it's always a good idea to have something on you to take care of minor problems like flats, chains, etc... There will also be patrols out supporting the race if you really need an SOS.

5) Lap Rules. Don't cheat, we're (our technology is) watching!

SOLO Riders:
If you plan on riding through and doing another lap without taking a break, you do not have to have to dismount and check in/out at the exchange area. You only need to dismount and check in at the exchange tent if you are taking a break.

Duo & Team riders:
When teams are transitioning from rider-to-rider, each person must exit and enter the course through the exchange tent.
When you are out on course, as you approach the transition area, you must dismount your bike and exit to the left in the transition area. Your next team member going out, will not begin until you have crossed the timing mat, and exited the course through the transition area.

6) No riding in Pit Zone. Succinctly put, No riding in Pit Zone.

7) Last Lap. The last lap cut-off for the 12 division is at 6:15 pm. The last lap cut-off for the 6-hour division is also at 6:15 pm.

8) Head Honcho. We make every reasonable attempt to resolve issues in a timely, fair and courteous manner. If you have a problem or issue, please find a race official and express your concerns. The GOAL Foundation as the governing organization will make a final decision and notify you within a reasonable amount of time.

9) No Headphones. Due to the nature of our course, we need to have all of our riders alert and able to hear when other riders are approaching.

Age Division and Awards Category Breakdown:

Please note that if ANY person in a DUO or TEAM division are in the general age range, your team will automatically be considered General Category even if there is a Master's aged or U19 aged person on that team.

12 Hour Division:
Solo Male
Solo Female
Solo Male Maestro
Solo Female Maestro
Duo Male
Duo Female
Duo Mixed Gender
Duo U19 Male
Duo U19 Female
Duo U19 Mixed
Team Male
Team Female
Team Mixed
Team U19 Male
Team U19 Female
Team U19 Mixed Gender

6 Hour Division:
Solo Male
Solo Female
Solo Male Maestro
Solo Female Maestro
Duo Male
Duo Female
Duo Mixed Gender
Duo U19 Male
Duo U19 Female
Duo U19 Mixed

COURSE MAP - Racing Counterclockwise

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El Doce - The Video

Drone | GoPro Footage

Heading to Paper Airplane

PRESENTED BY: Roosters Brewing Co.

Roosters Brewing Co.
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